We are aware of our roots and value individuality. This is why we are doing everything we can to maintain and strengthen the identity of each individual company in the IGO Ortner Group. Each distinctive portfolio contributes something important the group as a whole. Each brand has its own traditions, values and local strengths, which we maintain and nurture. In this way, we preserve the trust that is so important in a healthy business relationship.

At the same time, the holding structure of the IGO Ortner Group enables us to utilise synergies and reduce costs. In this way we maintain the necessary agility and flexibility to continuously be successful in the ever-changing environment of international competition. Be it large-scale building technology, supply technology, technical building equipment, medical and laboratory technology, or health care projects – with the companies of the IGO Ortner Group, we demonstrate how to implement large-scale projects successfully and cost-effectively on a daily basis.