Careers at the
IGO Industries

Through both its work in Austria and abroad, the IGO Industries opens up many opportunities to its employees with regards to plant construction, environmental technology and technical building facilities – heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, plumbing, and electrics. Our employees are always encouraged to specialise in innovative and ambitious projects across all sectors.

In addition to specific training provided by the IGO Academy, this is how we provide employees with the opportunity to simultaneously continue learning throughout their lives whilst also pursuing their own individual careers.

Even apprenticeship training is taken very seriously at the IGO Industries. There are currently 250 apprentices completing their training with us in six different apprenticeship programmes – installation and building technician, electrical and energy technician, technical draughtsman, design engineer, IT technician and office administrator. At the IGO Lehrlingsacademy, young people are being prepared early on for their future career as responsible professionals in a very focused manner.

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