IGO Industries

IGO Industries is an internationally operating association of technology companies leading in the field of technical building equipment and industrial plant engineering. For more than 115 years we have stood for the pursuit of new techniques and opportunities. Across four generations of the family, a network of innovative companies has emerged with both perseverance and a vision for the future – each of which is essential for the success of the IGO Industries. The company association generated an annual turnover of around 6,2 billion Euros in 2018 and employs more than 23,500 workers.

The Group’s origin lies in general building services and in particular the fields of heating-ventilation-air-conditioning and sanitary installations. In 2003 the Group increased its service portfolio by electrical engineering. Today IGO Technologies GmbH pools all the companies generally engaged in these building services and employs around 3.500 persons at an annual turnover of approximately 550 million Euros.

All these companies work according to the vital principles set out by company founder, Ignaz Ortner, more than 115 years ago: Reliability, loyalty and trust. These are the values you can trust to deliver, both at present and in the future.